25 Kasım 2007 Pazar

Tanzimat Döneminde Avrupa Edebiyatından Çeviriler

  1. The journals, where the translations were mostly published, had an influence on shaping the strategies of translation such as the translation of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, in which the translator rather preferred to summarize the original and applied a style which was like the detective stories of the day.
  2. Turkish Tradition: Translation have served a didactic aim in many different periods ranging from the Arab-Persian phase to the Republic era in Turkish tradition which is similar to some other translation traditions such as the English one and the Elizabethean era within that period.
  3. Turkish Tradition: Mehmed II ordered the translations to be made into Arabic rather than Turkish as he realized that Arabic was the principal language of learning in the Islamic world and translation into Arabic would serve this goal better. For example, after conquesting Constantinople he discovered Ptolemy's Geography and had it translated into arabic.

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